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Since the founding of the Herzogtum Bayern the municipality was Bavarian since 1780 and moved  to the Innviertel (former Innbaiern) to Austria after the freedom of Czechoslovakia.

During the Napoleon war it came back to Bavaria for a short period. Since 1814 St. Pantaleon is already a part of Austria. After the “connection” of Austria to the “Deutsche Reich” on the 13th march 1938 the villages was situated to the Gau “Oberdonau”. In this time the village St. Pantaleon was together with Haigermoos. After 1945 Upper Austria was recovered and the villages of St. Pantaleon and Haigermoos has been separated. St. Pantaleon is part of the Bezirk Braunau/ Inn and is on the border to Salzburg and Bayern.


St. Pantaleon is situated in Upper Austria in the district of Braunau am Inn near Salzburg (30 km) and Bavaria (app. 10 km). St. Pantaleon has 3029 inhabitants on a surface of 18,2 square km. It is situated in 436 m sea high.


The community offers a good infrastructure with great street connection to all important places, very good train connection to the metropolitan area of Salzburg, 3 schools (2 primary schools and a secondary modern school) , a kindergarten, a plenty of restaurants and bars, sport facilities, a natural fresh water lake and much more.

The train has four train stations situated in our community. The train goes to Salzburg every hour.


For companies St. Pantaleon offers attractive industrial areas with a great infrastructure like high speed kable connection, power connection, train transportation, short connection to the highway and much more.

St. Pantaleon ist the home of more than 120 companies. A lot of representative companies like  Siad – Gas distribution, Energie AG – power plant, Collini – metal surface technique; SL-Technik – heating systems – are located in St. Pantaleon. These companies employ high skilled employees to accomplish the high economic standard that is claimed today. 

Leisure time

St. Pantaleon is famous for its great cycle and bridle paths, hiking trails and of course for the sports and leisure possibilities on the lake Höllerersee. The lake Höllerersee has a length of approximately 1 km and is ideal for swimming, fishing, paddeling, canoeing, diving and much more sports in the summer.

In the winter the people use the frozen ice on the Höllerersee for iceskating and curling.

St. Pantaleon also offers a wide range of sport facilities like soccer places, an asphalt curling hall, a tennishall, a tennis court, sport shooting places and so on. St. Pantaleon has also a wide range of cultural and sport clubs.